Reading a Book Cannot Change Your Life

self-care Jan 28, 2022

This is a summary of my latest video.  If you’d rather watch that, you can do it here.

You are stuck repeating destructive patterns, and even the best book in the world cannot change that!

Let me be really clear here.  While I love learning, and there are some great books out there, just reading books  or listening to podcasts or taking an online course  WILL NOT and CANNOT change your life. You are not going to change anything about your life or get UNSTUCK by doing any of those things..

What you need is ACTUAL tools, practices and resources... and that's exactly what we give you inside the Power in Stillness Facebook group. We give each other the tools we need to get still and hear our own inner wisdom. But guess what. Just having those tools WILL NOT and CANNOT change your life.

If reading a book or having access to tools can't change your life, what will? You may not want to hear the answer.  What can change your life and end a pattern of madness, so you can get "unstuck" and finally move forward with your most magical life? You CHOOSING to change it. Yep, it's all on you. You can read that book. You can listen to that podcast.  You can even play with that practice, but if you do not consciously CHOOSE a different path or make a different choice, NOTHING is going to change.

So, why haven't you made that choice? Are you perfectly happy with how things are going in your life? If you are, that is AWESOME. I am so happy for you, and I probably cannot help you. But, if you aren't completely satisfied in your current career, fulfilled in all your relationships, and thrilled with your current level of fitness, why haven't you chosen to remember who you are and live that way? Are you afraid of what you might find? Lots of people stay in miserable circumstances for just that reason. Don't be one of them.

Use this link to book a free vision call with me where we will help you end that pattern that no longer serves and reach your optimal weight, prioritize yourself for a change, or even find that dream career or life purpose, so you can make that different choice and start down the path of living you deserve. 

The choice is yours, and yours alone. Choose wisely.



All my life, no matter what change I’ve experienced, I’ve been able to use journaling to remember who I am, begin to understand what I can learn from this change, and how my experience can help other people going through something similar.  Get my free prompts, “Journaling for Answers,” and start finding your own answers within.

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