Listening to the Still, Small Voice

identity Mar 15, 2021

Do you tap into your inner wisdom to make decisions about your life? 

Or, do you make a pros and cons list and decide based on logic and reason? 

We’ve talked before about using your whole brain, which includes both, but what is your go-to approach to decision-making? 

There’s a place for both, of course.  In our current world, we tend to focus way more on those pros and cons lists, and a lot of times, that decision turns out to be just fine.  We continue living our lives, and that is that. 

WHAT IF you took the time to listen to that still small voice inside?  At least hear what it has to say.  That doesn’t mean you have to do what the voice tells you to do, but we all have inner wisdom that can lead us to decisions about how we eat, what we wear, or even who we call.  AND, that inner wisdom may not always make logical sense.  

I believe there are things our inner voice, or heart, understands that our minds can’t see just yet.  It knows who we really are, what our deepest desires and purpose are, and what the best way to get from who we are now to the highest version of ourselves really is. 

Not sure you believe me?  Try it with a decision that won’t have a big impact in your world, and see what happens. 

Or, maybe you DO believe me, but you just don’t hear that still small voice.  The trick is to get still enough to hear it.  That is tough to do in our society, but it is so worth it.  Take 10 minutes, and get still.  You can use any of the approach that works for you.  Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes for a little while, or take a walk.  Remember that stillness is NOT about becoming motionless.  It’s about quieting your mind.  After a few minutes of getting still, think about that decision you need to make.  How does it feel in your body?  Where is the sensation?  Does it give you a sense of what your inner wisdom is suggesting you do? 

One approach that seems to work for a lot of people is to write it out.  That’s right, actually have a written conversation with your voice inside.  Maybe write out the question in cursive, and then start printing the answer as it comes.  Write a letter to that version of yourself that has already made the decision and seen the consequences of that decision.  Then, that version can answer the letter.  Whether or not you believe this works is beside the point.  You’ll either end up with two groups of words that agree or differ on the right decision for you.  Then, you can choose which one to follow.  It’s a way of telling the story of your choice, and it’s completely up to you. 

While I love writing, I know not everyone does.  If you don’t, you could record a voice conversation between those two versions of you instead. Whatever works to get the words of your inner wisdom out into the world.  

After you’ve made your decision, notice how you feel.  Does it feel warm and comfortable in your body, or are you anxious or nervous about it?  Then, watch what happens.  Did things turn out the way you had hoped, or could it have been better?  Do this without any judgment, but use those observations to consider paying attention to that still small voice the next time you have a decision to make.

That inner voice is part of you, just like your logical thinking mind is.  They both have their purpose and their roles, but what is true for me is that the inner voice seems to have a better grip on what’s best in the current situation.

Let me know what you think and how the exercise turns out for you.

All my life, no matter what change I’ve experienced, I’ve been able to use journaling to remember who I am, begin to understand what I can learn from this change, and how my experience can help other people going through something similar.  Get my free prompts, “Journaling for Answers,” and start finding your own answers within.

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