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All my life

All my life, no matter what change I’ve experienced, I’ve been able to use journaling to remember who I am, begin to understand what I can learn from this change, and how my experience can help other people going through something similar.

Maybe you don’t like writing.  That’s totally fine, but journaling is the easiest way to start getting still and in touch with your inner wisdom and the REAL you.  Try voice journaling, if that feels better to you.  Maybe you just don’t know what to write.  I can help with that, which is why I created Journaling for Answers. This is a set of 30 journaling prompts to give you ideas about what to write. 

Will it be easy to start a regular journaling practice?  No, but you already know not many practices are easy. 

Will it be worth it?  Absolutely.  You may see who you are now, and you might even find a new life purpose in the process!

Every major change in life will change who you are.  Don’t try to get back normal, because you will never be exactly the same person again.  Instead, find out who you are now and why you are here, going through this experience.

I look forward to hearing how the prompts help you.


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Hi.  I’m Karen, and I believe in MAGIC!

I help people struggling with change to remember who they are and find their own answers within, so they can live with purpose and perspective.  In short, I want to make a difference in the world! I have been through a lot of changes in this lifetime, and all of them were challenging, whether or not I wanted them.

The unexpected death of my oldest son completely changed everything about my life.  Since his transition, I have learned who I am, what I want, and what I do NOT want in my life.

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