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Prioritize You Virtual Retreat Featuring:

Whitney Freya

Meditations on Your Unstoppableness

 Mellissae Lucia

Sacred Selfies as Self-Authority

Wendy Sterling

5 Steps to Recover and Heal from Your Divorce

Kim Bell

How to Accept and Embrace it All

Carol Elizabeth 

Creating More Success by Working Less

Brooke Nicole

The Need to Be You

Jeff Bomberger

Using Meditation to Unlock Your Intuition

Joanna Mason

Connecting to the Still Small Voice

Kristen Radden

How to Play with Dolls:  A Re-Membering Practice

Karen Adamski

Walk in Beauty

Teresa Collins

Self-Care of Your Energy

Vicky Roubekas

How to Connect to Your Body to Tap Into Your Intuition - Your True Inner Knowing

Karen Schaible

Christine Singh

How to Awaken Your Intuition Through Your Breath

Karen Amaden Coburn

How to COPE with Grief in Life

Desirée Dunbar

Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

Isa Kujawski

Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing

Lori Latimer

How Prioritizing Me Helped Me Survive one of Life's Worst Tragedies

Maree Bento

Getting Clarity with Tarot and Oracle Cards

Dr. Sarah Erny

Accessing your Feminine Intuitive Connection to reach exhilarating embodiment, spiritual fulfillment and emotional enlightenment

 Brenda Kiss

3 Secret Benefits of Saying Yes to You!

 Dr. Chaneé Hawkins Ash

Your CORNERSTONE, Your Purpose: Building your empowering life, on PURPOSE!


Dr. Marie Mbouni

Your Shadow Is Your Gold


Joy Musacchio

Essential Oils for Transformation

Rush Dorsett

Embodying Your Authentic Voice

Hope Flansburg

Your Body's Design


Erica Mallery

Mastering Moderation


Bridget Owens

Deep Self-Magic: Embracing the Power of Your Shadow

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