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Magic is Your Choice, but it does take intention!

I KNOW you.  You're a planner junkie!  Let me guess... 

  • You have annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly plans.
  • You've tried every planner on the market, looking for the one that will make your goals a reality.
  • You color code your activities, so you know the purpose of everything in your calendar without reading it.
  • You start every day by prioritizing your top 5 activities.
  • You start January off strong, with grand plans to achieve your goals EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
  • AND, every single year, you lose steam by the end of the first quarter -- or even earlier -- and decidee you just need a better planner or a better process to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Why do I know you?  Because I’ve been there, and I understand. I'm a recovering planner junkie, and I finally discovered what was missing.  I want to help you start planning less and LIVING more!

Most people think that to live the life of their dreams, they have to work harder and longer, but the truth is, the real obstacle to living that life you want is a lack of INTENTION.

Hi.  I’m Karen, and just a few months ago, I was spending so much time planning that I never actually got around to finishing the goals I set for the year.  In fact, I was teaching my planning routine to other people. I was committed to doing the work, but even my long and involved morning routine was NOT getting me to the finish line.

The magical turning point for me came when I decided to plan less and live more.  Practices like yoga, journaling, and even walking barefoot helped to bring me present and start LIVING my life.   You deserve to live your most magical life!

THAT is why I created the Intentional Planning course.

Intentional Planning is NOT your typical planning course.  While we WILL cover planning your days, weeks, and months, OUR focus will be on how to plan that magical life you’ve always wanted.  In this course, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to set an intentional to bring you the life you desire…and it starts with knowing what you want!

  • You’ll discover what you REALLY want and why

  • You’ll get clarity on your focus 

  • You will set an intention each and every day

  • You will learn that GRATITUDE is the attitude

  • You’ll establish positive habits and track them to ensure they continue

  • You will finally uncover the secret to being true to yourself and serving others out of your overflow

Start Intentional Planning Now

My journey lead me to an unforgettable, healing weekend with my spiritual sister , healing life coach Karen! I wasn’t sure what to expect……..I experienced many things beautiful. Acceptance of self has always been my weakness. I can truly say that the retreat opened my inner self to healing. We painted, practiced yoga, wrote, and shared ourselves through encouragement and open heartedness. THANK YOU, Karen. Your Alice in Wonderland workshop was unforgettable! That rabbit hole doesn’t have to be so scary after all!!

Peace love light

Ramona B

Melissa W

Highly recommended as a guide through the crossroads and crucibles in your own journeys of individuation.  Karen brings a deep grace and embodied presence to her powerful multi-modality offerings supporting transformations in their many forms. Her own journeys through grief and integration bring a heart-centered wisdom with grounded, practical, actionable steps she has road tested in her own life.

What will you cover in Intentional Planning?

  • Your Values and Desires
  • Your Focus
  • Your Intention
  • Your gratitude
  • Your habits
  • Your self-care

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What's Included in the Intentional Planning Course?

  • Six modules that you can navigate at your convenience
  • Bonus video workshop showing you my morning routine

While I was looking for help in my professional life, I find myself using those same techniques in my personal life, too!  Karen is a kind, intelligent, passionate and creative soul. She introduced me to the concepts of being present, making space and most importantly – being happy. She helped guide me countless times to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were negative. Her coaching was the start of my journey into a leadership position and she provided me the foundation for growth and success.  I highly recommend Karen.  She helped me, and she can do the same for you!

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I've never met anyone before who put such things as creativity (left brain/right brain thinking), meditation and prioritization of what's really important into practice in their professional life. She always emphasized how changing one's outlook can have a positive effect on expected outcomes in their everyday life. Karen also practices what she preaches. I personally saw her go thru some very difficult experiences in her professional and personal life. She did not wallow. She rose above every situation and gained a fan in me. This painting exercise opened my eyes to the fact that what you conceive when you start a project isn't always what you wind up with when the project is completed. You need to expect change, embrace change and help accommodate change.  It is hard for me to imagine anyone who could not use Karen's practices and teachings.

Dirk F

And Because I Hear You...