How to Move Into Stillness

identity May 17, 2021

This is a written summary of my latest video, for those that prefer to read than watch.  If you’d prefer to watch, you can find the video here.

I get pretty frequent questions about how to move into stillness, so I thought I’d give you a few practical ways to do just that.

The easiest way to move into stillness is to FOCUS ON THE BREATH.  It’s as simple as inhaling while paying attention to when and how air enters your nose or moth, and how it moves through your body.  Then, follow the reverse practice as you exhale.  If you do this for just a minute or two a couple of times a day, you will move into stillness for a short time.

Another way to move into stillness, which can be a follow up to focusing on the breath, is to QUIET YOUR MIND.  I know that sounds easier than it is, but you can do it.  If you have to-do lists coming into your mind and distracting you from focusing on your breath, acknowledge the lists.  Then, say to that list in your head “This is not quiet.  It’s a list, and right now, we are being quiet.  We can come back to the list later, but right now, we are still and quiet.”  Say it as many times as you need to, but make sure you acknowledge that distraction.

You can also PRACTICE YOGA to move into stillness, and it’s kind of a combination of the first two ways.  In yoga, we focus on the breath AND quiet our mind.  It’s one of my favorite ways to get still, so give it a try.  The original purpose of the physical yoga postures, or asanas, was to prepare the body to sit in silence.  Sound familiar?🙂 

The final way I’ll talk about today is to CREATE SOME ORIGINAL ART.  No, I’m not talking about creating a masterpiece.  I’m talking about going through the process.  I prefer painting, but any art making will work.  Just like athletes who talk about being in “the zone”, you may even lose all track of time.  I do.

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